Friday, December 3, 2010

An Asset #1

"There's always two sides of a coin." No matter how dark you see upon a certain thing, there's always light behind everything.

I've always had this thought, but I've never imagined that it could also be true to someone like me. Someone who's so full of negative side that I myself, can't see any bright side.

But that was not until I met my "Family", the Block 51. They were the ones who opened my eyes, the ones who made me realized that there is something inside me. Something special that I wasn't able to see when there was nothing but only me.

Now that I am awake, I could now see things straight. I may not look like good at it, but i love expressing my thoughts in my words. Words that were not uttered by the mouth but were written by the hand. This is what i call an asset of mine.